Thursday, May 18, 2006

One of the most destructive thing between Sam and I that underpins most of our fights is our incompatibility in expressing our negative feelings:

Sam's way - If he's ticked off, he uses cutting, challenging, fighting, and aggressive language. Words such as "lied" and "unsupportive" are not uncommon. Once he lets it out, he would calm down and try to be conciliatory again.

My way - Without anyone's influence, I usually take a neutral stance in my interactions with others. But I also reflect other people's emotions like a mirror. When someone gets aggressive at me, once a tolerance threshold is reached, I bare my claws in return. Once this negative energy has infected me, it will take a while to dissipate.

Putting our ways together - Sam gets aggressive at me even though I'm neutral. He pushes the right buttons and I start to mirror the negative energy. By the time he has cut me, I would bite back harder. Even though he might have already calmed down and is now conciliatory, it's too late to pull me back. The only way he could pacify me is to apologise and let time elapse. Unfortunately, some time during my cooling off period, he would have gotten frustrated and started digging into me again, which would then revive the subsiding anger in me. And the whole cycle starts again.

I have little doubt that if we ever break up, that'd be the reason.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tehran, Mar. 17 (ISNA) -Iranian former President and the chief of Iran's Freedom, Progress and Development Foundation, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami in the first gathering of this foundation gave a speech.

"The Iranian nation within the past 150 years has been a pioneer in finding a new life style according to its status," he said.

"Even the Islamic Revolution which occurred in this era, is different from the movements created in the Islamic world and this difference is sourced in the distinction of soul, capacity and identity of the Iranian nation," Khatami added.

"Regretfully movements in the Islamic World, even if they weren't so from the beginning, have become shallow and violent; the Islamic Revolution of Iran was never from this category, and the models it proposed were different from what is now offered under Islamic movements," he commented.

"The Islamic Revolution is a corrective movement and is more directed towards and dependent on revolutionizing knowledge, people's participation and their historical demands than violence and coup methods," khatami explained.

"Iran's resources are limited and we must apply global sources for progress. Continuance threats and crisis derives us from this path. All this is possible through global cooperation; cooperation is not kneeling in front of powers greed and so from the womb of this ideology rises the elimination of tension," he added.

"We believed and will believe that we must become powerful and influential. A poor and weak society can not defend its spiritual values and is forced to abandon many principles, dignities and values," Khatami said.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I am sorry to use you all for my own personal satisfaction (and not even in a sexual manner, shame on me) but there's this song...

"I'm in love with your potential, I'm in love with what you could be baby."

It was played on Real World Key West, I can't get it out of my head and despite repeatedly typing the lyrics into Google with minor variations, I cannot find even a clue as to how to go about illegally downloading it.

And, by the way, I don't really watch Real World. My roommate had it on.

Maybe I paused in the front of the television.

(I'm not sure why I'm being defensive about The Real World when I am so unabashed in my love for the trashtastic Flavor of Love).

Thursday, February 02, 2006

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

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